A remeniscence…… 

As I sat by myself to unwind for a while,
And sauntered through the memory aisle,
A glimpse of all that I went through crossed my mind.
Evenly dispersed all that I perfected,
And lot that remains to be effected.
It hauled that aimless wonder ,
What life was about ?
Likewise the upheavaled state.
It fired up the experiences ,
That I have been through ;
And the amazement that I
weathered it.

It beckoned me to the times of trials,
And that they tendered the best in me.
Evoked the thoughts of making life
day by day,
And re-courses to make it happen.
It brought in fears of life being brief
And unexpected Trying not to be cobbled
Facing it with fortitude.
Eventually , to discover that life
was exciting,
The need to re-call to make it inspiring.
And to show the gratitude,
For what it had to offer.

Let your life dazzle….. 


“There are parts of a ship which taken by themselves  would  sink. The engine would sink. The propeller  would sink. But when the parts of the ship are built together they float. So with the events of my life. Some have been tragic.  Some have been  happy. But when they are built together they form a craft that floats and is going some place.”~Ralph.W.Sockman~

Life changes its course like a river does over a period of time. At no point is it always splendid, conclusive and amazing. Life has innate notches. A bad patch so should we say.  Instead of sulking we can promise ourselves better days ahead and handle our life with panache. 

A normal day is a mix of things we intend to do and things we never thought of doing. We are all wound up waiting for an appropriate moment to do things we want. De facto we stop living while we wait. The moment never arrives. We end up being draggy, cheerless, miserable and frustrated. Srewy moments are a must to lighten up our existence. It is essential to be motivated and keep ourselves in an optimistic enclosure. Anticipating better things, finding reasons to flip over and be thrilled about is more often than likely to usher the totally needed splendor into our lives. Past cannot be changed. There is nothing for us worth living there. So we settle on the present and advance into the future. The fundamental moral we gain out of our living is that,  everything is constructed from ground zero and each phase has valuable lessons to offer for the cosecutive phases. Many a times we are spellbound at how swiftly things happened for others and we were left dreaming. We become suspicious about the tempo of our development. Placidity is something that should unsettle us not the rapidity of our progress. We do not arrive on the face of this earth armed with competence to mold and maintain a fulfilled life. Most of us take years to figure out our goals. Our life constantly challenges  us to  renew our prospects and make amends to our intentions. We have to relentlessly try ways to elevate our lives. Making each day a favorable one is critical and requires a judgement right as a rain to know that life can throw in challenges and lessons at any point of time.  We have to create a space for joy through adaptability and readiness to love ourselves. Loving ourselves gives us the motive to laud our existence. It ends our quest for buoyancy in life. 

We are often knocked down, when we find ourselves at a place where we least expected us to be. Its not where we fancied ourselves to be and we waste precious time  wishing things were otherwise, forgetting that the virtue to reform the given state of affairs is with us. To set things right all we have to do is opt for the right approach to define  the situation we are in. Things keep happening even while we are not a part of it and were busy believing that we let slip a chance. This in all likelihood leads us to think that we are off target.We need not set into insane search for direction. We can keep it simple by just looking at the choices for our rise that our path bestows upon us and let our life dazzle.