A remeniscence…… 

As I sat by myself to unwind for a while,
And sauntered through the memory aisle,
A glimpse of all that I went through crossed my mind.
Evenly dispersed all that I perfected,
And lot that remains to be effected.
It hauled that aimless wonder ,
What life was about ?
Likewise the upheavaled state.
It fired up the experiences ,
That I have been through ;
And the amazement that I
weathered it.

It beckoned me to the times of trials,
And that they tendered the best in me.
Evoked the thoughts of making life
day by day,
And re-courses to make it happen.
It brought in fears of life being brief
And unexpected Trying not to be cobbled
Facing it with fortitude.
Eventually , to discover that life
was exciting,
The need to re-call to make it inspiring.
And to show the gratitude,
For what it had to offer.

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