From garden variety to being exceptional 

Each one of is on a mission to make a mark for ourselves. We often have modest claims that we are not trying to reach some place, but it’s just about living our life well. Regardless of on what we have dibs, we stretch ourselves relentlessly and concurrently we want to be all fired up enjoying the journey alongside. These are basic paradigms on which we plan to put together our acievements. 

​Now and then, we do feel stagnated. Suddenly everything seems to be bloodless and a drag. We are most likely to be vexed and distressed about the turn of events.  Now that we are in a stew, it is sensible  to calm down than being jumpy. It would be apt for us to take a hard look at our choices. Once through with our scrutiny, we need to decide the ones we are going to endear and ones that we are going to endure. While we are on this ,we do pick few things about ourselves like self loathing, comparing, pleasing others, perfecting and trading our peace of mind . We all are the garden variety but its our standpoint that makes us exceptional. Admitting failures as morals makes us feel better and see things distinctly. Success should touch upon all aspects of life-physical,mental, emotional and spiritual. It is our life and it is only fair for us to splash all shades on this canvass. We are thoughtful souls but it is our discerning virtue that takes us places. We need let go of our past and dwell in the present.  Choosing our expression liberates us from the fear of being judged.  So we should choose to do it and soak ourselves in the eperiences of life. Learning to back our thoughts and feelings helps us to break away from our fixation with anxiety and center on healing.  Its fine to be a huckleberry above a persimmon,  by living upto our mindfulness and letting in serenity we can make it remarkable. It will be just to sum up with this beautiful quote from Sanhita Barua, “Let it rain on somedays, Let yourself shiver on cold nights ;so when its spring you’ll know why it was all worth going through.” 

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