A remeniscence….. 

Today, As I sat by myself to unwind for a while,
And sauntered through the memory aisle,
A glimpse of all that I went through crossed my mind.
Evenly dispersed all that I perfected,
And lot that remains to be effected.
It hauled that aimless wonder ,
About what life was about ?
And likewise the upheavaled state.
It fired up the experiences ,
That I have been through ;
And the amazement that I
weathered it too.
It beckoned me to the those times of trials,
And that they tendered the best in me.
It evoked the thoughts of making life
day by day,
And those re-courses to make it happen.
It brought in those fears of life being brief
And unexpected at that,
Yet trying not to be cobbled
And facing it with fortitude.
Eventually , to discover that life
was exciting,
And the need to re-call to make it inspiring.
And to show the gratitude,
For what it had to offer.